Book Projects


 We are now offering a limited number of our clients the opportunity to have a book created that documents their equestrian experience.


  The books include performance pictures, candids, and portraits and is complimented with artistic images of the aura of the show world.  The book captures photos of show facilities and renders the sights that make your relationship with your horses complete and special.


   In our photo gallery you can view examples from some of our book projects.  The photos you are seeing are actually two -page seamless spreads.  The books are published by the finest book publishers in the US and Europe.  The initial book is 91/2 x 13 and contains 25-40 double page spreads and as many as a 100+ photos.  The photos used in the book are chosen from the 3000+ photos accumulated during our year long projects.  Each book is produced in collaboration with the client to determine the subjects to be included (horses, trainers, other pets, family ,and friends) No two books are the same.


Please call James to discuss your interests.

James 561-309-4342